West Virginia is typically known for its long history of coal mining — 95 percent of the state's energy came from coal plants last year. Due to the increasing environmental concerns of these plants and the declining number of mining jobs however, more West Virginians are becoming interested in what... Read More

Recently, a new study about greenhouse gas emissions was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. Using data on greenhouse gases in all 50 states dating back to 1990, the study shows that the effects of population and affluence can be moderated by political factors in suppor... Read More

Hawaii made environmental history when Governor David Ige signed four bills into law last week that will position the state as a leader in the movement for renewable energy. One law, House Bill 623, is being called the most aggressive clean energy goal in the country. This bill mandates that all of... Read More

TDI-New England, a company that has plans to spend $1.2 billion to lay a 154-mile power line from the Canadian border to a town in central Vermont, will pay $284 million to eliminate environmental concerns about the project. These concerns stem from the fact that the cable will be buried along the b... Read More

Maine Beer Company in Freeport, Maine, recently installed 212 solar panels to their brewery roof in hopes that they will one day produce 100 percent of the company's electricity. Co-Founder David Kleban has been environmentally minded since the company first opened in 2009 and is a participant of  t... Read More

In the latest U.S. Solar Market Insight Report, California surpasses 10,000 MW in solar capacity. In the first quarter of the year, the state made history by installing 718 MW of solar, which raised the state's total current capacity to 10,648 MW. According to Clean Technica, California surpasses ot... Read More

Solar power is on the rise in America, a trend that can be seen in both residential and commercial installation of solar panels. For many installing solar is about saving money on monthly utility bills, while also being environmentally friendly. Yet for one hospital, their reasoning was a little mor... Read More

Growing public support for environmental safeguards and renewable energy is growing by wide margins. According to a Hart Research Associates’ survey of possible 2016 voters, 87 percent of Americans endorse expanded renewable energy development and 82 percent wish the government would place limits on... Read More

One way in which the daunting and growing threat of climate change can be fought is through reinventing the entire nation's energy infrastructure through utilizing only clean, renewable sources. Though this seems like an impossible and idealistic task, Mark Z. Jacobson, a professor of civil and envi... Read More

According to a new report from the Solar Energy Industry Association and GTM Research, more solar panels were installed on American rooftops this year than ever before. There were also more residential solar panels installed than natural gas power plants. Forbes reports that while this growth is def... Read More

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