Six months ago, a section of bike path in the Netherlands was opened to the public. While only 230 feet long, it's known around the world for being partially constructed out of solar panels. The path serves as a testing ground for a roadway's ability to generate solar energy, and so far the test is... Read More

The World Bank and the International Energy Agency have released their Progress Toward Sustainable Energy report for 2015.  The report is part of the UN's Sustainable Energy for All (SE4All) initiative, and coincides with the second annual Sustainable Energy for All Forum taking place in New York fr... Read More

Brian Trease, a mechanical engineer at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory, became fascinated with origami as an exchange student in Japan. Years later, Trease is working with researchers from Brigham Young University to design foldable solar panels modeled after the techniques of origami. NASA hopes t... Read More

On Tuesday, May 5, a Kansas IKEA debuts 'state's largest rooftop solar array'. According to IKEA, the Merriam store now boasts the "largest rooftop solar array" in the entire state of Kansas. There are 2,394 panels on the store's roof, covering over 92,000 square feet and generating a projected 98... Read More

Being in the business for over 10 years, SolarMax Technology, Inc. has heard every concern that homeowners have when deciding to go solar. One of the biggest concerns is the issue of whether or not the solar panels will actually produce the amount of power estimated. In order to eliminate any skepti... Read More

More and more customers are choosing solar energy panels for their homes as solar panels are becoming increasingly popular as customers discover their financial benefits. In the past, the majority of the industry's customer base were expected to comprise of younger people, but now a number of custom... Read More

Californians have struggled through drought for years now, and the effects are rippling through every part of the state's economy. One of the lone bright spots in recent years has been the proliferation of solar energy, a development which has played a pivotal role in allowing the state to manage it... Read More

California's progress in adopting solar energy panels to generate clean, renewable power is second to none in the United States, and there's no greater proof of that than the long list of record-setting accomplishments the state has racked up in just the last couple years. Californians can now add o... Read More

When we discuss energy efficiency and the growing push to embrace renewable power in the face of climate change, a number of possible options come to mind: Wind, hydroelectric, coal, nuclear — but solar always manages to stand out from the pack. And while photovoltaic solar panels are our bread and... Read More

Farming requires a unique ability to be flexible, even in the face of changing circumstances. Weather is notoriously unpredictable, prices rise and fall at the drop of a hat and the laws regulating your crop could change at a moment's notice. That ability to roll with the punches is serving some C... Read More

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