As solar technology becomes more popular, many people are considering it for their property. However, some homeowners aren't familiar with all the components of a home solar system. 

From solar panels to EV charging stations, there is a wide range of features that make up a solar system. This article will cover the primary features of a home solar system. 

High-Quality Solar Panels

At the core of any home solar system are efficient solar panels. The solar panels generate DC electricity that is used to assist in the home's energy consumption.

Solar panels are typically installed on the roofing system in residential settings. There are a wide variety of solar panels available, and it can be tough for property owners to pick. 

Efficient Inverters

Since solar panels produce DC electricity, they need an inverter to convert the electricity to AC. Throughout the system's lifetime, the inverter will constantly work to make the energy usable. 

When purchasing an inverter, it's critical to select an option that is backed by a warranty. This piece of hardworking equipment is vital to the system, so warranties will allow you to maximize longevity. 

Solar Panel Mounting

The racking or mounting of the solar panels should not be something you overlook during installation. A low-quality mounting could cause costly damage to your solar panels if they fall off.

If you want the best results, you should work with a residential solar company that won't cut corners. Quality solar panel mounting will ensure long-lasting results through all weather elements.

Battery System

When the sun sets, your solar system's battery allows you to use power produced by your solar panels. As battery systems advance, they can save more power for owners.

If you are an EV owner, the battery system can link to your charging station. With an integrated solar system, you can maximize the convenience of your home. 

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