It is surprising to hear that some solar companies are making false offers such as a free solar system via a government stimulus program. Although a solar system does help us save in the long-term, a free meal often lead us to somewhere else. 

“A combination of federal and state programs are making it possible for you to get solar installed at no cost… enabling your electricity meter run backwards. Application closing soon.”

Have you ever seen such kind of advertisement recently? Unfortunately, Business Insider has done a research and found out not any one of them is telling the truth. A few solar ads posted on Facebook that Business Insider reviewed reference some kind of new solar "stimulus" program. There are no such programs, said Joshua Buswell-Charkow, deputy director at the California Solar and Storage Association (CALSSA), an industry trade group that helps monitor ads.

These commercials are usually run by vendors who sell the consumers’ information to solar installers. You see the tricky part here. These vendors are mainly focused on getting more interested consumers while the solar installers are hidden behind, making the process much less transparent. I have to admit it is efficient, but it is also risking your privacy and the solar system itself. 

Another issue with these false commercials is that they give the market a misleading first-impression on price. A good offer shall balance financial value and functional value, while people focusing too much on short-term cash saving are more likely to be misguided into the loss in long-term.

To be clear, there is a generous tax credit available for residential solar customers across the country. Many states also offer various rebate programs that help reduce the cost of solar energy and, in some rare cases, provide free panels to low-income families. As a solar solution provider in southern California for more than 12 years, we have built up our expertise helping you exploiting the opportunities.

For example, the federal tax credit can cover 26% of your solar system’s costs this year but will not be available after 2021. To read more, please click: Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit: A Practical Guide.


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