Hawaii made environmental history when Governor David Ige signed four bills into law last week that will position the state as a leader in the movement for renewable energy. One law, House Bill 623, is being called the most aggressive clean energy goal in the country. This bill mandates that all of the state's electricity would stem from renewable sources by 2045. Hawaii is the first U.S. state to adopt this kind of energy standard.

According to the bill,  the purpose is to update and extend Hawaii's clean energy initiative and standards to ensure maximum long-term benefits to the state's economy. Governor Ige stated that Hawaii spends around $5 billion a year on foreign oil for the state's energy needs and that making the transition to renewable resources will improve the economy, environment and energy security.

This particular legislation was created by the Blue Planet Foundation, whose mission is to clear a path for clean energy. Jeff Miulina, executive director of the Blue Planet Foundation, said that Hawaii is not only making history for the island state, but for the entire planet.

"Analyses from the utility and elsewhere show that 100 percent of renewable energy can be achieved even earlier than 2045." Blue Planet Foundation said. "Hawaii's renewable energy use has doubled in the past five years, with the islands currently generating about 22 percent of their electricity from wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewable energy resources."

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