Save Big on Your New Home Solar System: Monthly Offer + 30% Federal Tax Incentive + California Energy Storage Incentives + Special Financing.  It Pays to Go Solar. Learn More and Save.

California Home Builders

Ensuring that their properties have what it takes to appeal to buyers in the highly competitive real estate market of California is a difficult task for many home builders. Set yourself apart when it comes to advertising to local purchasers by offering cutting- edge solar power features on new builds. SolarMax Technology is looking for builder-partners who want to be able to attract customers with solar power energy systems. These solar panels can be added to new construction homes and paid for by the homebuyer, so builders need not worry about the hassle of extra expenses. With the rising popularity of solar power, solar-capable homes make a strong selling feature for environmentally conscious purchasers.

Affordable, Flexible Solar Options for Home Builders

At SolarMax, we offer in-house financing that provides buyers with a range of flexible pricing and payment options. Homebuyers will love having the option to install solar panels on their new properties, especially when they can take advantage of a 30% tax credit for installing solar. We also work with home builders to assist them with integrating the costs of the solar system with their overall construction costs.

Of course, there are many benefits of our solar options for home builders, including:

  • No cost to the builder.
  • Your choice of solar panels and equipment.
  • Custom systems designed for your community’s unique floor plans.
  • Battery backup and energy storage available as add-ons.
  • Marketing materials available, such as brochures and banners.
  • Competitive pricing and rates.

Consider Our Free Solar Solutions Consultation for Home Builders

SolarMax Technology has been a reliable provider of solar energy products since 2008, with more than 12,000 installations completed on homes throughout California. If you are looking for commercial solutions to the energy crunch for homebuyers, reach out to us by phone or via our online form. A representative will arrange to meet with you for a complimentary, on-site consultation.