With so many homeowners across California making the switch to solar roof panels for their homes, what's holding you back? Perhaps you're worried about the affordability of solar roof installation or haven't yet found the right company that you can count on.

Since 2008, SolarMax Technologies has been California's leading solar roof panel systems installer, offering a wide range of custom solutions for our clients. With a solar tax credit available for making the switch, there are tons of reasons why California residents are taking advantage of solar roofing.

Solar Roof Replacement in California

Aren't you ready to start saving on your energy costs? When you switch to solar panel roofing for your home, you'll enjoy monthly savings that add up over time. Even more, by owning your energy, you won't have to deal with the 6% yearly increase in energy costs.

When you choose solar roof replacement for your home, not only will our team customize a solar panel solution that meets your needs, but you'll also enjoy a full-service roof replacement—that's a two-for-one deal. When you work with us for your solar panel installation, you'll be thrilled by the following:

  • Full-Service Care: From inspection to finished installation, our expert team stands by your side with premium products, unmatched workmanship, and incredible customer service.
  • Industry Expertise: With over a decade of service to our name, we're the solar panel company that you can count on.
  • Superior Roofing Systems: We work with industry-leading brands to offer you top-of-the-market solutions that are built to last for years to come.

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When you need a solar panel company in California that you can count on, you'll want to work with the team of experts at SolarMax Technologies. For over a decade, we've been the company that Californians turn to when they need comprehensive solutions. Give us a call today or fill out the online form for your free, no-obligation estimate.