Save Big on Your New Home Solar System: Monthly Offer + 30% Federal Tax Incentive + California Energy Storage Incentives + Special Financing.  It Pays to Go Solar. Learn More and Save.

California Battery Storage Incentives

As part of an initiative to encourage sustainable energy usage, California offers a variety of different solar rebates. When you come to SolarMax Technology, you don’t have to worry about seeking out and navigating the often-confusing processes of acquiring these rebates. With over ten years of industry experience, we can help you find and apply for the right rebates to make your solar panel installation more affordable.

Solar Incentives from Your Installation

As renewable energy sources become more and more popular, the government and utility companies are encouraging home and business owners to invest by offering solar incentives. While many of these benefits only apply after the completion of your solar panel installation, our team of solar panel specialists is here to help you apply for any incentives for which you might be eligible.

California’s Self-Generation Incentive Program (SGIP)

The state of California offers an energy storage incentive of up to a $0.25/kWh rebate on home batteries charged with your solar panels, for those who qualify.

Residential Clean Energy Credit (Federal Solar Tax Credit)

You can save some serious cash when deducting up to 30% of your panel installation costs on your federal taxes.

Request More Information on Solar Incentives

We encourage you to contact us at SolarMax if you have any questions about applying for any of the available solar rebates. Just call us, and a knowledgeable representative can guide you through the rebate application process and help you take advantage of our many other helpful resources.  To get a better idea of your project cost, simply fill out our online quote form with a few details!