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California Solar Energy Consultation

Solar energy can be a game changer, improving every aspect of the way you consume and pay for electricity in California. Unless you’ve made a special effort to keep up with the many recent advancements in the industry, deciding whether or not solar would be a wise option for your family and your home can be difficult. Luckily, it’s a process you don’t have to undertake alone. When you reach out to SolarMax Technology, the first thing we do is to schedule a solar panel consultation at your convenience, during which you can get all the answers you need to make an informed decision.

Experienced Solar Panel Consultants

During your solar panel consultation, one of our knowledgeable solar experts can educate you on our processes, solar panel benefits, maintenance requirements, and more. It is our goal to make sure that you have all of the information you need to decide whether to proceed with a solar panel installation for your home or business. The consultation consists of three main components:

  • Property Analysis: We come to your home to assess the placement and position of your property and structures, the amount of shade received, and other factors that could impact the effectiveness of your solar panels.
  • Energy Consumption Audit: Our solar panel consultants review your past energy bills in great detail to accurately calculate your energy consumption.
  • Solar Saving Analysis: All of the information is incorporated into a proven formula that provides an accurate estimate of how much you could save.

Based on all of our findings, we’ll determine the optimal solar panels and components for your needs and come up with recommendations for a preliminary system design. All of this information is presented to you in a detailed proposal that you can take your time to review and consider, along with the detailed quote we will provide to give you an accurate idea of the costs expected to be involved.

Schedule your Complimentary Solar Analysis and Consultation With SolarMax

Dial the number of SolarMax immediately to schedule a consultation for a residential solar energy installation. Whether by phone or by submitting our online form, you can set up a date and time that is most convenient for your busy schedule. We hope to hear from you soon!