Solar power and photovoltaic solar panels have skyrocketed in popularity among residential and commercial investors over the past few years. Between the lowering costs of solar energy panels and the increase in incentives to go solar, there are many reasons behind the increase in interest in this te... Read More

One of the most frequent questions we're asked is whether are not installing photovoltaic solar panels is a financially sound investment in a particularly cloudy area. Especially in northern California, knowing that your solar panels will continue to provide returns day after day is important for pe... Read More

A new study highlights significant growth in the solar energy panels industry, estimating incredible growth from 2015 to 2021. While the solar panel market reached $24.2 billion in 2014, the study, "Solar Panels Market Size, Share and Research Report From 2015 To 2021," performed by WinterGreen Rese... Read More

France's new "green roof" law will require any new construction in commercial zones to have a roof covered in plants or solar energy panels. The nation boasts a mere 5 gigawatts of solar generation, lagging well behind Europe's more advanced nations in solar installation, such as Germany, which has... Read More

Home to two of the largest utility-scale solar farms and the largest deployment of residential solar panels in the country, California named as first state to cover 5 percent of energy needs through solar. In 2013, California's solar output was a mere 1.9 percent of it's overall power needs, but m... Read More

The solar energy market isn't being led by utility or residential rooftop installations, but rather by corporations investing heavily into solar farms. These efforts are focused on providing power to data centers, corporate offices and surrounding areas, but the example they set has a more resoundin... Read More

We recently discussed California's impressive growth in clean energy, with solar power accounting for 5 percent of total electricity production across the state in 2014. However, Breaking Energy recently released its estimates on small-scale solar production, such as residential solar panels and sma... Read More

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