Those looking to save money, reduce their carbon footprint and earn tax credits can invest in solar power to achieve all three goals in one home improvement project. However, there are many other reasons to invest in solar energy panels. The ability to harness the sun to power your home is attractiv... Read More

While carbon recycling programs and scrubbing efforts are major considerations for cutting carbon pollution and trying to stem the damage done the environment, many states still find that investing in renewable energy and efficiency programs remains the most cost-effective strategy. According to the... Read More

Deploying solar energy panels is part using the right equipment and part finding the right place to positions the panels. However, according to The Washington Post, among other states, California boasts enough available space for solar to power itself three times over. A group of researchers recen... Read More

Last year marked the first time in 40 years that there was zero increase in carbon emissions from energy providers over the previous year. According to The New York Times, efforts to counteract climate change and increase the use of renewable resources have allowed utility companies to stall the gro... Read More

While the power of solar panels to reshape the energy industry has been undeniable for a few years now, the recent data from 2014 shows just how much of a difference solar energy technology has made. According to GTM Research, a branch of Greentech Media, 2014 marked the largest growth year for phot... Read More

At the end of 2016, residential solar credits from the Energy Policy Act of 2005 will end unless Congress extends the deadline. For homeowners considering solar energy panels, this means the time to invest is quickly closing. The Energy Policy Act of 2005 implemented a 30 percent Investment Tax Cr... Read More

A recent report shows that building efficiency has become a big business across the United States. The advanced energy industry, which includes energy efficiency, clean power and renewables, has reached $199.5 billion in annual revenue, surpassing the airline industry and matching pharmaceuticals, a... Read More

The California Public Utilities Commission denied new gas power plant in favor of renewables as the proposed new gas-fired power plant by San Diego Gas & Electric "did not sufficiently consider preferred resources." According to GreenTech Media, this decision sets a precedent for the CPUC, defer... Read More

Though solar advocates have said that solar power offers significant economic and environmental benefits, a recent study shows solar delivers powerful ROI as well. According to the Maine Public Utilities Commission, solar installations across the state are actually delivering a value of $0.33 per ki... Read More

While California has led the nation in solar investments, the East Coast is beginning to ramp up its own utility-scale solar farms. According to Clean Technica, the original 13 states are seeing a spike in solar interest, led by New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. The United States saw 3.7 gig... Read More

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