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Home Battery Backup

Your utility provider prohibits your solar panels from continuing to feed power into the grid during a blackout. They require that your solar energy system automatically shut down causing your entire home to go dark. But a backup battery can allow your home to continue to receive power to your critical appliances such as your Wi-Fi, TV, refrigerator, lights, fans and important medical devices.

Stay Powered during Natural Disasters – California is a great place to live, but we all know too well that winter storms, wildfires and severe earthquakes can cause unexpected power outages at the most inconvenient times. Owning a home battery means that you have instantaneous and reliable backup power for your home when you need it the most.

“Utility Proof” Your Solar Energy System

California’s public utilities (SoCal Edison, PG&E and SDG&E) have recently made some unpopular changes that many homeowners are struggling to deal with. SolarMax Technology has developed a home battery system that will help ensure you are protected from the new and future utility changes.

Protection from Planned Blackouts during Wildfire Conditions – The public utilities have all announced and have already begun turning off the power to thousands of customers during peak wildfire conditions. Be prepared with a home battery to keep the lights, appliances and essentials on automatically when you receive a shut-off notice.

Protection from Time of Use Energy Rates – The public utilities have switched you to a new type of billing method called “Time of Use”. Instead of charging you more for the total quantity of energy used in a month, you are now charged higher rates at the times you typically use the most energy: in the early evening hours. A home battery will store the solar energy you produce during the day for you to use later in the evening to reduce your need to pull expensive power from the grid.

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The LG Home Battery: We’ve Got Your Backup

The LG 10kWh home battery offers peace-of-mind by powering your home when the grid goes down:

  • Turns on automatically when you lose power from the utility
  • Battery recharges from your solar panels - designed to provide continuous power during extended blackouts
  • 10kWh of backup power to reliably keep your Wi-Fi, TV, refrigerators, fans, lights and important appliances continually powered throughout extended power outages

Batteries are LG’s Core Strength - LG Chem, the parent company of the LG brand, is a chemical company and has been researching, developing and manufacturing battery technology for the past 23 years.

  • The Reliable, Safe and Cost-Effective Home Battery – As a known and trusted home appliance brand, LG also confidently delivers a high-quality and dependable home battery.
  • Dual Purpose Battery – The LG is a dual purpose home battery with 10 kWh of energy storage that can be used for both battery backup when the grid goes down and for mitigating evening time-of-use charges

LG Home Battery Storage System

Home Diagram

California Rebates and Federal Tax Credit for Energy Storage

You could get up to over 50% off the cost of your LG home battery by taking advantage of both Federal and State incentives.

2019 26% Tax Credit – The installation of a LG home battery in 2019 qualifies for the Federal renewable energy tax credit so you can get back 26% of the cost of the battery and installation costs in your next tax return.

California Self Generation Incentive Program – For a limited time, the state offers up to a $2,450 rebate check to homeowners who install the LG home battery.

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