Rooftop solar panels are an affordable alternative to rising rates from your utility provider. It is no secret that by the year 2020 California law requires utility providers to use renewable sources for one third of the electricity they sell.  In order to avoid steep penalties the utility compani... Read More

SolarMax Technology is proud to be part of the solution for a better tomorrow.  It is no secret that the choices we make today have a direct effect on the future of our species and planet, so it is imperative we manage and replace resources for the future.  I'd like to share a story told by David Ho... Read More

SolarMax Technology sponsors UCR CE-CERT Solar Energy Conference, “Solar Energy in Inland Southern California: The Future is Now,” which was held at Bourns in Riverside Ca on Thursday February 6 2014.  The conference was informative as well as inspiring.  With speakers such as Mr. Ronald Loveridge,... Read More

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