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SunSpark Solar Panels

SolarMax Technology is the only California solar company that makes their own premium solar panels. The SunSpark solar panel is designed, engineered and assembled in the SolarMax California headquarters.

Qualities of the Most Reliable Solar Panel in the World

SolarMax is one of ONLY four US solar panel companies that rank in the top tier in terms of reliability in the world. SunSpark panels have received this distinction by DNV-GL, an independent industry-standard testing lab, for the past two years in a row.

Premium Quality

Because SolarMax has complete quality control in the California production and assembly line, the SunSpark solar panels you get from SolarMax meet and exceed many of the standards of other, more expensive, name brands.

High Efficiency

SunSpark panels have a high peak performance efficiency generating more energy per square foot for maximum solar production. The SunSpark panel is intelligently engineered with protective, bypass diodes to avoid the effects of partial shading on the panel.

Extreme Durability and Long Term Reliability

Assembled with top-of-the-line solar cells and materials complying with the highest industry standards in a state-of-the-art facility gives the SunSpark solar panel its world-class reliability.


Because SunSpark solar panels are not imported from a foreign country, you don't pay for panel tariff fees, international and domestic shipping charges, or middle-man mark-ups from distribution that you would get if you bought your panels from any other solar installer in California.

The SunSpark Solar Panel

SunSpark solar panels were designed to meet the needs of California homeowners who are looking to make a smart investment that gives their families clean power and energy savings for 30 years or more.

SunSpark 300 Mono Module Solar Panel

This 300 to 375 Watt solar panel has a higher output per square foot and is used when roof space is limited where you need less panels to give you the required solar production. The SunSpark 300 is made from monocrystalline silicone that delivers a:

  • Higher power output
  • Higher solar energy efficiency

25 Year Warranty

SolarMax Technology stands behind all SunSpark panels with a full complement of warranties.

  • 25 year warranty on linear power output
  • 12 year material and workmanship warranty

US Production Plant

SolarMax has one of the largest solar panel assembly plants in the US located in the SolarMax headquarters which is a massive 165,000 square foot solar-powered, historic building. The current production volume is 250 MW of solar panels annually.

Rigorous Standards

The SunSpark solar panel assembly line is fully automated with manual handling and inspections at key touch-points in a clean room like environment.

Thoroughly Tested

Triple-stage, 100% EL inspection to ensure the voltage and wattage exceed specs and that there are no defects.

Certified to Withstand the Most Severe Environmental Conditions:

  • Resilience to salt mist, ammonia and blowing sand found in coastal, farm and desert climates.
  • High-durability is ensured under severe mechanical load testing at 1000 Hz +50TC +10HF

Industry Leader in Protective Shipping

Shipping causes micro-cracks which diminish the flow of electrons across the silicon cells thus reducing a solar panel's overall energy output. A typical solar panel is manufactured in a foreign country and is handled by multiple forklifts, freight cranes, cargo vessels and trucks before it reaches your home. Each point of handling risks creating micro-cracks in the panels if they aren't handled with care.

SolarMax Technology is the first solar panel company to introduce protective solar panel shipping advancements.

Vertical Stacking

Believe it or not, solar panels are typically stacked flat on top of each other in pallets when shipped. Flat stacking puts a lot of stress on the glass and silicone in a panel and frequently the poor panel at the bottom of the stack arrives broken.

SolarMax is the first company to stack and ship their panels vertically. This puts an equal load on each panel and greatly reduces the risk of damage.

No Shipping from Production to Warehouse

SolarMax takes all of the fully-tested SunSpark solar panels hot off the assembly line, stacks them vertically, and then smoothly glides them into the warehouse within the same building. These solar panels are then carefully transported from the SolarMax warehouse to your home  and onto your roof for flawless installation. The risk of micro-cracks caused by shipping is virtually eliminated. You can be confident that the SunSpark solar panels on your roof are going to reliably produce the maximum power for many, many years to come.