SolarMax Technology Inc., which is a renewable energy company and desiginated as an essential business during this COVID 19 pandemic. We are a company that provides essential services to the commercial, residential and industrial sectors of infrastructure throughout the State of California. We are monitoring and aligning operations to comply with evolving health orders implemented by local, state and federal agencies in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including Executive Order N-33-20 signed by CA Gov. Gavin Newsom on March 19, 2020.

US government Department of Homeland Security has designed the Energy industry is noted as 1 of the 16 critical sector ( in which SolarMax and their employees are expected to continue working during shelter-in-place order

The energy infrastructure is divided into three interrelated segments: electricity, oil, and natural gas. The U.S. electricity segment contains more than 6,413 power plants (this includes 3,273 traditional electric utilities and 1,738 nonutility power producers) with approximately 1,075 gigawatts of installed generation. Approximately 48 percent of electricity is produced by combusting coal (primarily transported by rail), 20 percent in nuclear power plants, and 22 percent by combusting natural gas. The remaining generation is provided by hydroelectric plants (6 percent), oil (1 percent), and renewable sources (solar, wind, and geothermal) (3 percent). The heavy reliance on pipelines to distribute products across the nation highlights the interdependencies between the Energy and Transportation Systems Sector.

The reliance of virtually all industries on electric power and fuels means that all sectors have some dependence on the Energy Sector. The Energy Sector is well aware of its vulnerabilities and is leading a significant voluntary effort to increase its planning and preparedness. Cooperation through industry groups has resulted in substantial information sharing of best practices across the sector. Many sector owners and operators have extensive experience abroad with infrastructure protection and have more recently focused their attention on cybersecurity.

Health and Safety

Along with all our fellow neighbors and our own communities we are working hard to protect the health of our employees and the customers and communities which we serve. We have instructed all essential workers to take appropriate precautions described in government orders and advisories with regards to staying home if they feel ill or must care for someone with the illness, social distancing of six feet (to the extent possible), frequent hand washing, limiting interactions with members of the public and appropriate etiquette for sneezing or coughing.

Employees will take all precautions to limit our physical interactions with our customers and industry counterparts and will use all available technological aids as possible while providing an essential service to our customers.

Roofing and Electrical

Furthermore, if our customers have other roofing or electrical needs we will be more than happy to help.

SolarMax Technology, Inc.