Solar panels for the home come in many different forms. The most common application is solar roofing, using either retrofitted panels placed on top of an existing roof or replacing a roof with solar integrated shingles. Whatever form it takes, these systems convert light energy into electricity for your home. That power can turn on the lights, power appliances, keep you connected to the internet, and much more.

Why are Residential Solar Roofing Options Popular

There’s no doubt about it—solar roofing is growing in popularity. There are a few reasons behind this push. First, the technology is becoming more useable. In the early days of solar energy, the panels were big and bulky and often had a high cost with a short lifespan. Today, the technology is much better, offering long-lasting durability and enhanced aesthetics.

Of course, there is more to it than form and function. Solar roofing is also providing homeowners with much-needed relief from the rising costs of carbon-based energy sources. And, it’s an eco-friendly alternative to boot. This means that homeowners can work towards living more sustainably with investments in greener energies.

How Much does it Cost?

Pricing is a common sticking point. Upfront, the costs are still relatively high for this innovative technology. In 2022, homeowners are paying between $17-$25k for a solar roofing system. But that’s not the whole picture.

The size of the home and its comparative energy needs, coupled with the specific solar roofing system selected have the biggest impact on the price tag. But that price is generally offset by attractive tax incentives at the federal and sometimes also the state level.

Plus, the energy savings is worth the consideration. Even without tax incentives, many homeowners find that they’ve recouped their investment in about 6-10 years through energy savings alone. Many of these systems are warrantied for 20 or 30 years and the homeowner continues to save money month after month, even after recouping their investment. So, in the long run, it looks like a smart investment.

Final Thoughts on Residential Solar Roofing Systems

Whether or not you’re ready to make the switch is a personal decision that is based on many different factors. But if the cost is giving you pause, consider the bigger picture. Solar roofing technologies are evolving and becoming more accessible. If you’re interested in exploring your options, give SolarMax Technologies a call for a free estimate.