When it comes to solar, most individuals only picture residential installations. While this is certainly an avenue, commercial solar is just as important. If you own a commercial building in California, you may be wondering what services you'll have available to you. 

There is an immense variety of products and installations that are possible when it comes to commercial solar, and knowing which is right for your property is essential. Here, you'll find some of the top solar energy solutions that you can integrate into your commercial building.

Commercial Solar Panel Installations

Solar panels are the core of any commercial solar installation. No matter what size of array you're looking to invest in, a qualified solar company will be able to help. You'll have the option of just installing a few solar panels to offset your electricity bill, or a full-sized installation to replace it entirely. 

Another significant benefit of installing solar panels is tax incentives. In many cases, you could receive credits for a portion of your total installation's value. 

​​Battery Banks for Energy Storage

Most solar systems are useless without batteries. Battery storage allows you to keep all the excess energy that's produced during the day. This allows you to either send it back to the grid for buybacks or keep it to use for cloudy days when solar production isn't keeping up with your building's draw.

Comprehensive Auxiliary Equipment for Solar

There are many other elements to a solar installation besides the panels and batteries. It's essential that your contractor installs all of the following so that your installation is 100% functional:

  • Charge Controllers: Charge controllers are an important piece of equipment that regulates the incoming voltage from the panels, reducing it enough so that damage doesn't occur to the rest of your system.
  • Battery Monitoring Devices: There are many times when you'll want to know what your battery's state of charge is. A monitor gives you this information, as well as other metrics like temperature.
  • Inverter: Solar power is produced as a 12V charge, which is generally unusable by most commercial systems. An inverter changes this to 120V, which can be utilized by devices, appliances, and standard wall outlets.

​​Start Your Commercial Solar Installation with Help From Our Experts

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