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Premium Solar Panels

SolarMax SMX Solar Panels

SolarMax SMX Solar Panels

  • SolarMax is one of ONLY four US solar panel companies that rank in the top tier in terms of reliability in the world.
  • SMX panels are designed, engineered and assembled all under one roof, here in the USA which ensures high quality and value.
  • Tour our facility in Riverside, CA and see for yourself.
Premium Solar Panels

Other Premium Brand Name Solar Panels

  • LG – roof aesthetics, high power output and enhanced performance warranty
  • QCELL - High efficiency German engineering and extreme weather ratings for wind and snow
  • Panasonic - High efficiency panel, low long-term degradation and highly reputable brand

Advanced, Reliable Solar Technology

SolarMax Technology gives you premium inverters as standard equipment. You can choose the inverter technology that best suits your needs.



SolarMax Technology offers you premium Enphase micro-inverters.

  • Higher solar energy production at dawn, dusk and low-light conditions
  • A highly efficient conversion of the solar energy from your panels
Electric Vehicle Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging Inverter

  • Lightning fast, Level 2+ charging rate
  • Save money, time and hassle compared to purchasing and installing an EV charger separately.
  • Because the cable type varies depending on the vehicle manufacturer, the charging cable is not included with the inverter.
Home Batteries

Home Batteries

Home batteries offer peace-of-mind by powering your home when the grid goes down. All SolarMax home batteries are available and in stock – no reservations needed. You have several battery options to choose from:

  • FLEX Energy Storage System™ - Battery recharges using your solar panels
  • LG Chem RESU Battery – Stores energy produced during the day for use at night to avoid pulling energy from the grid.
  • Enphase AC Battery – A modular home battery that is 1.2 kWh so you can add as many as you need.