Solar power is on the rise in America, a trend that can be seen in both residential and commercial installation of solar panels. For many installing solar is about saving money on monthly utility bills, while also being environmentally friendly. Yet for one hospital, their reasoning was a little more than that.

Last month, Janet Weis Children's Hospital in Pennsylvania installed close to 150 solar panels on its roof, which supplies 20 percent of the hospital's power as reported in an article at WNEP. In order to complete this project, Geisinger Health System received a grant of $100,000  from West Penn Power Sustainable Energy Fund (WPPSEF) to do the installation. WPPSEF is a nonprofit organization that provides investment capital, and a limited amount of grant making, to spur the deployment of renewable energy and other forms of clean power, energy efficiency and sustainable energy outreach events.

Currently, the solar panels save the hospital around $5,000 a year and the health aspect of utilizing renewable energy provides another benefit for the Geisinger Health System.

"The sunlight is obviously a very clean, non-pollutant generator, which in our studies, we've shown that as we make clean energy there is no pollution and that has an impact on health," Al Neuner, vice president of facility operations at Geisinger Health System, said. Due to the positive impact on the health of the hospital's patients, Neuner said it was a no-brainer to install solar panels.

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