When we discuss energy efficiency and the growing push to embrace renewable power in the face of climate change, a number of possible options come to mind: Wind, hydroelectric, coal, nuclear — but solar always manages to stand out from the pack. And while photovoltaic solar panels are our bread and butter here at SolarMax Technologies, it does raise the questions: Why exactly is solar so often seen as the future of worldwide energy efficiency? What makes solar a more distinctive and feasible option over those other possibilities?

As David Roberts recently outlined in a lengthy piece about solar energy on Vox, one of the main hallmarks of PV solar power, its major advantages over its competition lies in how these panels work.

"Coal plants, gas plants, nuclear plants and concentrated solar power plants are all just different ways of boiling water to produce steam that spins a turbine," writes Roberts. "Wind power harnesses the wind to spin a turbine. Hydropower dams use flowing water to crank a turbine. These spinning turbines, in turn, provide mechanical force to an electric generator, which translates it into electrical current."

But with PV solar panels, there is no turbine to spin. Instead, the panel merely converts absorbed sunlight into electricity, with no moving parts — and the expenses needed to maintain those moving parts — necessary. This fact alone makes solar considerably easier to build, use, and afford as compared to other renewable options available.

As Roberts points out, a solar-dominated future isn't a question of if, but when. To get ahead of the curve and adopt a truly 21st century, environmentally-friendly way of providing for all of your electricity needs, contact SolarMax today for information and financing plans for your own residential solar panels.

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