Farming requires a unique ability to be flexible, even in the face of changing circumstances. Weather is notoriously unpredictable, prices rise and fall at the drop of a hat and the laws regulating your crop could change at a moment's notice.

That ability to roll with the punches is serving some California farmers well as of late, as they manage the difficulties created by the state's ongoing drought. Due to the state's somewhat-complicated water rights laws, many farms won't be allocated any hydration for this upcoming season.

Undeterred, however, some savvy farmers are using the unique circumstances provided — an abundance of sun — to switch gears from creating produce to installing solar energy panels to reap the same economic and environmental benefits. Newsweek recently released a video detailing the progress of one such innovator, a Central California almond farmer who is making the pivot and increasing his farm's ability to stay viable in the long term.

As Gizmodo explains, it is in many ways a natural shift, noting the similarities between the enterprises.

"It turns out that almond trees and solar panels have a lot in common: They both require lots of sun, they take up just about the same footprint on the landscape, and they both have a lifespan of about 20 to 30 years," writes the article.

It might not have been the way these farmers thought they would ultimately be successful, but if there's one thing they excel at, it's making hay while the sun is out there shining. If you would like to take advantage of the weather as well, contact SolarMax Technology today.

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