Solar power and photovoltaic solar panels have skyrocketed in popularity among residential and commercial investors over the past few years. Between the lowering costs of solar energy panels and the increase in incentives to go solar, there are many reasons behind the increase in interest in this technology. However, as more homeowners and businesses deploy solar solutions for their energy needs, many may be looking for more information before making their decision.

For many, the final decision to invest in solar panels has come about in the last few years — their drastically lower cost. Panels have become much cheaper to buy in the last several years due to advanced manufacturing processes and widespread interest in panel construction in China. According to NPR, there has been a significant focus on solar panel manufacturing in China recently, with a major uptick in factories and subsidized loans focused on the solar industry.

Furthermore, installers are getting better at their jobs and more career opportunities are opening up across the nation, which in turn allows homeowners to see much faster installation times. A full-roof installation that would have taken two days a few years ago now takes four to six hours, and the experts performing these jobs continue to outpace themselves.

In addition to the impressive cost savings that panels themselves provide, many homeowners are opting for financing opportunities as well, which increases the initial savings. By financing their panels instead of outright buying them, these investors are able to put down nothing and get an immediate reduction in their electricity bill, apply that savings to the payments for their panels and come out ahead.

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