The solar energy market isn't being led by utility or residential rooftop installations, but rather by corporations investing heavily into solar farms. These efforts are focused on providing power to data centers, corporate offices and surrounding areas, but the example they set has a more resounding impact, showing other businesses and consumers that solar is a force to be reckoned with, especially when the enterprises making these investments include Google, Apple and Ikea.

According to Recharge, Apple's recent announcement of a 25-year, 130-megawatt solar procurement deal is just one example of many recent pushes for energy efficiency made by major technology leaders. Microsoft, Facebook and Google have also all been investing in renewable energy, primarily solar and wind, with significant results, as has the US subsidiary of Ikea, which built solar farms in Illinois and Texas.

"We know, in Apple, that climate change is real. Our view is that the time for talk has passed, and the time for action is now. We've shown that with what we've done," Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, says of the company's recent investment. The firm expects significant savings over its current, fossil-fuel driven energy needs.

Rob Threlkeld, manager of renewable energy at General Motors, echoed this later sentiment, noting that the automobile manufacturer has seen generous cost savings with its renewables projects, such as a 2.2-megawatt solar array it installed at its assembly plant in Ohio.

The question for many companies is how to deploy high-quality photovoltaic solar panels at their facilities. Rooftop installation isn't always the most effective strategy, so many are building solar farms, installing panels over carparks and similar strategies, utilizing unusual spaces to achieve their clean energy efforts.

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Corporations setting prime example in solar investments