While California has led the nation in solar investments, the East Coast is beginning to ramp up its own utility-scale solar farms. According to Clean Technica, the original 13 states are seeing a spike in solar interest, led by New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts. The United States saw 3.7 gig... Read More

While the majority of power across the planet is generated by fossil fuel-burning power plants, Deutsche Bank suggests solar will become the dominant electricity source by 2030. Displacing coal, oil and gas, this growth would be driven by nearly $5 trillion in revenue growth for the solar industry o... Read More

The solar industry continues to boom with employment opportunities. The latest National Solar Jobs Census by The Solar Foundation shows that jobs in the solar market grew by 21.8 percent in 2014 over 2013, and more than 86 percent since 2010. From solar installers to maintenance workers at utility-s... Read More

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