The California Public Utilities Commission denied new gas power plant in favor of renewables as the proposed new gas-fired power plant by San Diego Gas & Electric "did not sufficiently consider preferred resources." According to GreenTech Media, this decision sets a precedent for the CPUC, deferring power preferences to renewable resources such as solar, wind and biomass. The decision was brought with a unanimously approved proposal to guide Southern California Edison and SDG&E to procure up to 1,500 megawatts of new energy generation capacity by 2022 as a replacement for the retired San Onofre Nuclear Generation Stations.

The CPUC wants the new generation to focus on more eco​-friendly power options.

"SDG&E is resorting to special treatment to prop up a dirty power plant proposal when cost-effective clean solutions can get the job done," Evan Gillespie of Sierra Club told the news source. "Now is the time for both our regulators and utilities to show real energy leadership by replacing SONGS with 100 percent clean energy."

Matt Vespa, senior staff attorney with Sierra Club, echoed this sentiment in a written press statement.

The CPUC said that it found it "unreasonable" to approve the new plant until SDG&E demonstrates a lack of feasibility of preferred resources, such as solar power generation.

Solar and other renewable energy sources continue to demonstrate an ability to replace gas, nuclear and coal-powered energy generation, and this decision highlights California's dedication to supporting this trend and setting an example for the rest of the nation in clean power.

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