It has never been a better time to invest in solar technology for your property. The state of California and the federal government offer numerous incentives and rebates. 

As a professional solar company, we have helped customers access some of the best solar incentives in the nation. This article will provide an overview of solar incentives and rebates

California Solar Initiative Rebate Program

California is leading the way with its Solar Initiative Rebate Program. This rebate offers cash payments for customers who install solar panels up to 1 Megawatt in size.

The rebate is customized depending on the size, orientation, and location of the solar installation. Property owners can enjoy a recoup of costs after their solar panel installation. 

New Solar Homes Partnership

Are you building a new residential property in California? The New Solar Homes Partnership is similar to other rebate programs but is designed for new construction projects.

While building a home, you can receive significant payment for installing solar panels. The larger the solar system, the bigger the rebate for your installation. 

Solar Tax Credits For Installations

Along with rebates, there are several tax credits that benefit your installation. The first tax credit is a federal solar program that allows homeowners to claim 30% of the installation costs. 

Whether it's a residential or commercial installation, a property owner can claim the solar panels on their federal taxes. There is no maximum amount you can claim within a given tax year.

California also offers its own state tax credit for solar panel installation. However, the credit is based on the amount earned from the Solar Initiative Rebate Program. 

How to Maximize Your Solar Incentives

With numerous solar incentives available, it can seem challenging to take advantage of all of them. Fortunately, you can make financing your installation easier by working with a professional.

A professional California solar company will have the experience to help you navigate the rebates and tax credits. Additionally, you can finance your installation with a financing program. 

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