Should you add battery storage to your solar roofing system? Absolutely! Whether you’re a homeowner or business owner, battery storage adds protection and saves you money.

As a full-service solar panel company, we provide a solar battery installation with your premium integrated home solar system. Let’s explore some of the benefits of having quality solar energy storage you can rely on.

Added Protection With Solar Battery Systems

Having a backup battery is a must in California! In case of sudden disasters or blackouts, you should be able to rely on your solar system. Adding a solar battery system protects you with:

  • Cost Savings Every Day: Solar battery storage allows you to collect solar power during the day, and use it during the evening when power from the grid is more expensive, or return power to the grid when your rate is higher. 
  • Around the Clock Emergency Power: Battery storage banks the Sun’s energy for when you need it most. Even when the Sun isn't out, you can access power automatically at night and when you’re off the grid. Protect your family with backup power.
  • Complete Integrated Solar Systems: Installing a whole home solar system gives you everything you need. With durable solar panels, efficient inverters, energy storage, and EV chargers, you never have to worry.
  • Trusted Battery Products: Get a battery system from an industry-leading solar company. SolarMax is revolutionizing solar power in California with quiet, reliable, and low-maintenance home batteries.

Solar Incentives and Cost Savings

Investing in your home can save you money! Don’t worry about the costs of adding a backup battery with:

  • Cost Savings: By storing the Sun’s energy when it’s strong and utilizing it during high-usage periods, you can save greatly! This is a smart alternative to high energy bills especially when you constantly have to cool down your California home.
  • Special Financing: Look for special financing options that help you save on battery installations.
  • Incentives: Get rewarded for switching by applying for federal tax credits and California’s rebate program for solar homes!

Hire a California Solar Panel Company

SolarMax is here to install your new solar battery storage system! As part of our whole system, you have complete protection. Call our team today to schedule your free consultation or to learn more about our home and commercial solar services. Fill out our online form today for your free price quote!