We’ve Got Your Backup

Being California's renewable energy leader, SolarMax Technology is the only solar company to pioneer energy storage by developing in 2016 the first fully-integrated home battery back-up system helping its California customers stay powered when the grid goes down.

SolarMax continues to deliver the protection Californians need from all the new utility changes and natural disasters by providing a truly innovative LG home battery and solar energy system.

The Sweepstakes on KFI

In the month of May, SolarMax announced on KFI 640AM that they will be giving away 3 LG home batteries. Hundreds of listeners called in to enter into the sweepstakes. Some of them have been recent wildfire victims looking for a battery back-up option for their home, while other listeners have life-saving medical devices that they need powered when the grid goes down.

Congratulations to the Winners

Robert Tsai, Chino Hills

Robert has a home-based reptile business with a real need for battery backup. But his home in Chino Hills is next to the high-risk wildfire zone of Carbon Canyon. Southern California Edison has announced that they will be shutting power off to homes in certain high-risk zones for potentially several days during wildfire conditions of high heat and low humidity this summer.

Being without power for days is not a risk that Robert can take with the energy demands of his reptile habitats. But now Robert can have peace-of-mind knowing that the SolarMax solar energy system with his LG home battery is there to protect the lives of his cold blooded friends.

Craig Little, Tustin

Craig is looking forward to utilizing the LG home battery to offset the new Sothern California Edison Time-of-Use electrical rates. Grid power is more expensive in the early evening when his solar panels will not be producing any energy. But with a new LG home battery, Craig will now be able to store his excess solar energy from the daylight hours and then use that 10 kWh of battery energy at night to avoid pulling the expensive evening rate electricity from the grid.

Craig sees the LG home battery as a great way to “Utility Proof” his solar energy system. Plus he’s excited at the prospect of receiving up to a $2,400 rebate check from the State of California for adding a home battery to his house.

Bobbie Sabadin, Dana Point

Bobbie just happened to be the lucky 3rd winner in our sweepstakes. She has such a low energy bill that solar wouldn’t show her much in the way of savings. Perhaps that’s the benefit of living close to the beach and getting all that cool air. So we just said, “Congratulations!” and wrote her a nice fat check for the equivalent cost of the LG home battery. At SolarMax Technology everybody wins!

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