Like a popular singer once sang, “you never know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” That pretty much summarizes the fate of the popular residential solar rebate program offered by Riverside Public Utilities. The rebate program ends on December 29 of this year – but, if you’re planning to apply, the application must be submitted no later than December 14.

What’s the Big Deal?

With RPU paying an incentive worth $0.25 per watt, a new solar customer can earn an estimated $1,550 worth of rebates for an average 6.2kW system. That revenue effectively reduces your purchase price – and those savings just apply to installation (note that leased systems are not eligible).

Even bigger dividends occur when those newly installed panels start producing electricity that you own and the excess is placed back on to the grid, thus creating additional reward through the utility’s net energy metering (NEM) program.

How to Apply

For RPU customers wanting to get in under the wire and take advantage of the solar rebate program, the process is pretty straightforward and easy:

1. Fill out a rebate application

2. Have a signed copy of the PV installation contract and copies of dated sales receipt for your solar system (note that you will want to specify the size of your system in AC watts)

3. Complete a Home Energy EZ profile, which you access on the RPU site, and bring to your appointment

Once you have all documents in hand, bring everything to RPU offices between the hours of 8:00am and 5:00pm Monday through Friday. Be sure to carefully check the application to make sure all information is included. The utility will not accept incomplete applications..

Act Today

If you’re an existing RPU customer, the end of the utility rebate certainly makes you feel better about your decision to go solar. If you’re on the fence, what better time than NOW to jump in and start saving money?

Let SolarMax Handle the Rebate Application for You

Not only will you get a premium solar system at a great price, but SolarMax will also complete the entire solar rebate application for you. Just Request a Free Consultation and your SolarMax representative will calculate, submit and apply your rebate automatically to the final purchase price of your new solar system.