How to Make Your Home Green - the Basics

Going green is a surprisingly easy and rewarding process that many individuals across the world are turning to in an effort to mitigate the damaging effects society has had on the environment. Whether you are on a budget or are transforming your business into an environmentally friendly establishment, the first steps in working towards these goals are relatively simple. "The first step is to begin to understand the basics of what each part of life can do to become more environmentally friendly," Conserve Energy Future writes. "The next step is to begin to learn to make different choices on a personal level that start to change your awareness, and consumption of resources."

Sustainable Choices for Going Green at Home Every Day

From eating and traveling green to turning your house into a green home, you can apply the principles of sustainability into all or select areas of your life. One of the first eco-friendly methods that comes to mind when many think of going green is conserving water. To start small, you can take shorter showers, don't let the tap run while you brush your teeth and fix any leaky pipes you might have around your house. Another way to go green in 2016 is to buy only locally grown produce and food products, which not only supports your local economy, but also can be free from harmful pesticides. Furthermore, many vegetables from major grocery stores have to buy their produce from hundreds to thousands of miles away, which leads to further pollution of the environment by the large trucks or vehicles in which they are shipped. If you live close enough, try walking or biking to work. This will not only provide you with a valuable opportunity to exercise daily, but you will save money on gas, along with helping the environment by not needlessly guzzling fossil fuels. Using public transportation when available is also recommended if you live too far to walk or bike. If you like to have a water with you, like while you're biking to work or just to have throughout the day, invest in a quality reusable water bottle instead of a disposable plastic one. The majority of plastic bottles are not recycled, so to go green, this is one easy way to do your part. If you want to take it one step further, buy a recycling bin and recycle all your paper, plastic, glass and aluminum products in your home instead of throwing them away. Another aspect of going green is being conscience of and minimizing the pollutants you consume or are around. One aspect of this is being aware of the household cleaning products you buy. Most store bought cleaners are harmful for your health and the environment. To clean your home effectively and safely, Keeper of the Home offers help by providing a list of 67 natural options and recipes for cleaners. To find out more ways you can become eco-friendly, there are many other small ways you can work to save the planet. If you are looking for an even greater way to go green, research into installing residential solar panels on your home. Solar energy is another investment you can make to help reduce your environmental footprint. At SolarMax Technology, we offer free consultations to help our customers understand just how much they can save on their utility bill by switching to solar energy. Though customized solar systems may seem like a lot of work, we take the burden off you and take care of any permits, rebates and installation requirements to help you make your home a green one. Contact us today to learn more!