California is on track to lower greenhouse gas emissions by becoming more reliant on renewable energy sources. Thankfully, the state legislature is taking steps to directly address the country's dependence on fossil fuels, while working to bring cleaner energy solutions to Californians as a whole. The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) reports that there are currently four bills out advancing through the legislature that hopefully will become law this year. Senate Bill 350 is the main focus for this year's renewable energy plan and movement. Keeping with the governor's goals, the passage of this bill would mean that the state would limit gas up to 50 percent, double energy efficient buildings and increase its dependency on renewable energy to 50 percent. All of these goals will be to be reached by 2030 if the bill passes. The Energy Efficiency Resource Standard Act, otherwise known as Assembly Bill 1330, will prioritize energy efficient projects for lower income communities, meanwhile, the third bill, Assembly Bill 33, calls for the creation of an advisory combined-agencies council to work together to plan clean energy strategies and meet renewable energy goals. Lastly, Assembly Bill 197 would mandate that the California Public Utilities Commission and private energy providers consider the state's greenhouse gas limit when looking at how to meet the renewable energy goal of 50 percent. "These bills, if passed, will help advance California's clean energy and climate goals," EDF writes. "They build on and enhance the investments the state has already made ... in renewable energy, resulting in cleaner air for our citizens. Further, these bills will bring significant economic benefits to the state, including more clean energy job growth and reduced utility operating costs — savings that can be passed onto customers." Contact SolarMax Technology today to learn how about to install solar panels for your home. 

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