Three of California's largest cities – Fresno, Bakersfield and San Jose — recently were the cause of celebration for the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), where each of these places helped them surpass 10,000 solar customers who were connected to its electric grid, according to the Business Wire press release. This exponential growth of solar panel adoption in California is optimistic in the road towards wider spread clean energy solutions.  "PG&E proudly supports customer choice when it comes to renewable energy. We connect thousands of new customer-owned solar installations to our grid every month with some of the fastest connection speeds in the nation. This rooftop solar power supplies clean energy to our customers and communities, and is a key part of California's energy future," said Laurie Giammona, PG&E's senior vice president and chief customer officer. When California residents are considering turning to solar for their energy needs, PG&E advises they take a Home Energy Checkup to make sure that they will truly benefit from a new solar system. Furthermore, the utility provider, which is the largest combined natural gas and electric company in the U.S., explains that there are three considerations customers should look at before turning to a solar panel system. The first is that residents should really explore their solar options when it comes to choosing the right company to buy from and them implement the new system. Also, knowing about varying solar rebates and financing options is also a factor in making the right informed decision. When settling on a vendor, PG&E recommends that residents learn about what system they offer that will best fit their needs and home. Also, analyzing monthly utility bill savings versus the  costs of leasing or buying a system are other factors to consider. Contact SolarMax Technology today to learn more about our California solar panels. 

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