According to WSLS 10 News, a California woman is on a mission. Marissa Muller is riding her solar bike from California, across the U.S., ending in New York. Her "wellness revolution" mission is to get people to live a more sustainable, healthy life.

"The environmental piece is sustainability but also just our physical mental wellness to get out to get active to get into nature and interact," Muller said.

Her journey began two months ago when she embarked on a solar charged bike in order to "get well and do well."

Her bike, a Turbo-S, is pedal assisted. As she pedals down the road, the bike gets a boost of energy. Although the bike weighs 50 pounds, and the solar panel weighs about 10, the weight is also affected by the trailer she pulls behind as well.

Muller averages about 17 miles an hour, 70 miles a day. Her journey is set to end in mid-August. Her blog can be read here.

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