Installing solar panels on a roof is one of the most environmentally friendly, cost-cutting decisions homeowners can make in their lifetime. This can be contingent on a few factors though.

Some of these include:

  • Curb appeal: The type of panels you choose to install on your house can play a role in its sale later on. Ensure the panels you pick have curb appeal, something that will matter to future buyers, as well as yourself. As panel production and creation continue to advance, so will their sleek, smooth finish.
  • Roof tilt and location: Both the location of your home and the tilt of the roof should be considered when deciding to install solar panels. Roof tilt is most often based on distance from the equator. Likewise, if you live somewhere that gets barely any sun, or your home is always in the shade, solar panels may not be the right investment for you.
  • Shade: If you're wondering how sunny it is where you live, this map may be of use. The sunnier your location is, the more energy your system will create and the better return value your panels will have.
  • Type of ownership: Many homeowners have to make the decision between leasing and buying. There are many benefits to both. Some benefits of purchasing include eliminating your monthly electric bill, locking in a rate and tax credits, and rebates. In terms of leasing, some benefits include locking in your rate as well, in addition to low monthly payments and a production guarantee.
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