According to Fox News Boston, as more people begin to take advantage of residential solar panels, a new issue is beginning to arise.  Firefighters responding to hot summer fires are reporting a growing concern over solar panels on roofs. If a home has been outfitted with solar panels, firefighters often have to diffuse the fire in a different manner.  In direct sunlight, solar panels can generate anywhere between 200 and 600 volts of electricity. Since they are constantly generating solar power, there is no real manner in which to turn them off. Even without direct sunlight, shining flood lights on a home can cause the panels to continue to create power as well.  As of now, there is no clear training standard for firefighters who respond to a house fire outfitted with panels. As the issue continues to come to the forefront though, that may change. In addition to firefighters, other workers are at risk as well for injury due to solar panels.  Roofers and tilers  should also be cautious when working on or near solar panel technology. Another safety issue often associated with solar panels stems from their installation. It's important to remember that although everyday people can do their own installing, calling in a professional is often the best course of action. SolarMax Technology works with each customer to develop, plan and install the perfect solar panels for any situation. Our employees are experienced installers, pulling the appropriate permits, offering exceptional warranty deals and monitoring the use and stability afterward.

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