Scientists at the University of California, Riverside, have discovered a new way to manage efficient solar energy conversion using the infrared region of the light wave spectrum. By combining inorganic semiconductor nanocrystals with organic molecules to enhance the overall conversion of solar photons, the efficiency of the process is said to be improved by 30 percent or more. "This upconverted photon is readily absorbed by photovoltaic cells, generating electricity from light that normally would be wasted," said University of California, Riverside, chemistry professor Christopher Bardeen.  In addition to facilitating the development of more efficient solar energy panels, this breakthrough also has the capacity to benefit solar imaging, data storage and organic light-emitting diodes. The installation of residential solar panels has been proven to reduce the cost of monthly electric bills as well as decrease a given home's overall environmental impact . As solar energy continues to advance and change, how can you take advantage of the  benefits? One way is to schedule a consultation with SolarMax Technology.  During a consultation, which is free of charge, we will discuss with you and walk you through the many different factors that can determine the best possible solar power installation  for your home. These include a complete property analysis, an energy consumption audit, availability rates and a customer solar saving analysis. In addition, a plan to purchase or lease the solar power will be discussed, as well as a preliminary system design and delivery date of the complete proposal.  Although the path to solar energy savings may seem to have a lot of factors, they are necessary to ensure customers get the best deal for their rooftop panels so they can begin to derive cost-effective and environmentally friendly renewable power.

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