According to Time, Hillary Clinton has pledged to install 500 million solar panels if elected president. This nationwide installation surge would be created by the end of her first term in office.  In addition, Clinton also called for an increase in other renewable energy sources. Her main goal is to have every U.S. home powered by clean energy within a decade. This spike in panel installations would increase the country's total output of solar energy by 700 percent by the end of the decade. However, doing so requires many steps that would have to be taken to ensure proper safety and follow through.  One of these steps is permitting. Across the nation, each city has its own set of rules and procedures concerning building permits. The process of receiving official approval for solar panel installations can take anywhere between one and four weeks. At SolarMax Technology, we've already overseen more than 5,000 installed solar energy systems in Southern California. Often, the permitting process involves more than one type of approval. These approvals must be granted by the fire department, zoning department, building and safety, planning and an electrical engineer.  As each department has different questions and concerns, permit plans must be retrieved and re-submitted each time to ensure all the necessary information is obtained. In addition to taking care of each of these possible permit issues, SolarMax will also handle all associated fees. The decision to install a solar system in a home or business has a range of factors and ideas that must be considered in advance. Pulling permits shouldn't have to be one you have to worry about on your own.

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