According to KRCR News, a Redding City Council meeting has adopted a new ordinance to expedite the permit approval and pulling process for small residential rooftop solar energy systems. Before, residents would have to get a permit from local cities and counties to install solar panels. The ordinance was passed down from the state in hopes of speeding up the approval process, enabling more residents to install panels quickly. This is also expected to reduce installation fees as well. California may be the first state in the U.S. to create a market for battery-backed distributed solar energy. In line with the state's interest in expanding energy creation and storage, a 2013 mandate requiring the state's biggest utility providers to procure 1.3 gigawatts of energy storage by 2022 has begun to involve third-party players as well. To hit this target, smaller companies and even residential areas are expected to make up at least half of this amount. If you're interested in installing a rooftop solar energy system in your home, SolarMax technology can help. Our company helps customers implement their own solar energy system in four easy steps: •Determine energy consumption through a series of questions. This helps determine the type and number of panels a home may require. •Through conducting a site analysis, our employees will determine optimal equipment, shade factors and main service panels. •Select system size and panels based on energy consumption, layout and design options. •Choose an inverter, such as standard or central, based on the home's needs.

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