According to Bloomberg Business, the California Independent System Operator Corporation recently approved rules allowing companies to buy electricity from numerous homes and commercial power systems in order to bundle it for the wholesale market. This change will enable utilities to consolidate the output of rooftop solar systems, batteries and even electric vehicles. For many, this is an important decision for the future of renewable energy generation and consumption.

"This is an important win for California energy users," said Ken Munson, Chief Executive Officer of Sunverge Energy, which aggregates power from solar panels and batteries installed at homes and businesses. "It paves the way for consumers to play a more active role in the generation and distribution of the energy we use every day."

California solar usage continues to expand. Residential solar power is the fastest growing sector of the state solar industry, increasing by 50 percent last year and outpacing utility-scale solar. By comparison, utility-scale solar only expanded by 15 percent.

These new rules could ultimately benefit large providers of solar energy, creating an alternative source of revenue outside of the typical net metering. Before this change, homeowners have been unable to participate in the wholesale market. Now, they have the opportunity to cash in some money and lend a hand in helping the environment as well.

California has a current target of receiving 33 percent of its power from renewable sources by 2020 and plans to increase this number to 50 percent by 2030 as part of its climate goals.

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