More and more homeowners these days are beginning to consider installing solar panels on their home. There are many known benefits of solar power, including lower costs on utility bills and a reduced impact on the environment.

But there's more than one way to afford solar panels for your home. When deciding whether to finance or lease a solar energy system, keep the following considerations in mind:


- Lower initial cost: With $0 down options and low upfront monthly payments, you will typically see the highest initial savings. - Maintenance: When a homeowner leases a solar power system, repairs and usage monitoring are handled by the leasing company. If homeowners are unable to afford buying a system outright, leasing may be a good option for the time being. Our SunRun program at SolarMax Technology offers homeowners the flexibility in going solar but doing so affordably.


- Real cost savings: Owning your own solar power system entitles homeowners to tax credits, and in some areas rebates. These help provide an additional financial incentive to make the switch to renewable energy. Once your solar panel system is paid off, you may have no electricity costs at all for a decade or more.  Solar panels have a 30+ year life expectancy. - Selling the home in the future: Studies have shown that homes with solar panels sell faster and for higher amounts.

Whether you want to lease or buy solar panels, SolarMax can help. The benefits of purchasing from SolarMax include a locked-in rate, available $0 down installation fee and rebate processing. For leasing, homeowners can enjoy many benefits including low monthly payments, a locked-in rate, monitoring and $0 installation down as well.

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