U.S. solar industry generates more jobs with thousands of MW in installed capacity as solar energy continues to be the fastest growing industry in the U.S. In 2014, the solar industry created about 31,000 jobs, generating about $18 billion to the economy every year.

California is not the only place in the world taking advantage of solar power. According to Renewable Energy Focus, Vatican City just spent $660 million installing solar panels. In addition, famous landmarks such as the Taj Majal and Eiffel Tower have both taken steps to increase energy efficiency through solar installations.

The Earth has the potential to generate 8 million quads of solar energy, but only produces about 400 quads as of now. The U.S. currently has 20,000 MW of installed solar capacity, which is the equivalent of powering nearly 2 million homes and businesses.

Predictions for solar within the next year indicate that:

- The U.S. will install another 20,000 MW creating 40,000 MW, capable of powering 8 million homes. - 45 million metric tons of dangerous pollution and carbon emissions will be offset by the use of this renewable.

There are many ways homeowners and businesses can save money through solar energy. These include electricity payments, tax credits and rebates and renewable energy credits. In addition, the federal government is also taking steps toward making solar panels affordable and accessible to those in low income housing as well.

"Solar is no longer an option only for the wealthy, but an opportunity for anyone looking to gain control over monthly utility bills, and make a long term, low-risk investment," said the U.S. Department of Energy.

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