Despite the increasing popularity of photovoltaic systems, many cities still continue to offer their residents rebates to reduce the cost of owning their own power.

For Riverside homeowners, the time to install is now, as Riverside Public Utilities (RPU) reopens their solar rebate for residents. With RPU’s solar rebate, owning solar power is easy and affordable. This cutting-edge rebate program allows RPU electric customers to attain financial incentives when they purchase and install a photovoltaic system for their home.

Beginning on July 1, 2015, the incentive amount is $0.50 per watt AC with no cap on residential system rebate amount. As the number one solar installer in Riverside, SolarMax Technology has completed over 600 installations in Riverside alone. SolarMax Technology strives to keep the process simple for our customers so we handle all the paperwork for your rebate and permits in-house. With SolarMax Financing, you even have the option to keep the rebate or apply it to the cost of your system in order to reduce the monthly payment. Our average customer will receive a rebate check of approximately $3,100.

In addition to the RPU solar rebate, homeowners who purchase and install a solar energy system are eligible to take advantage of the federal tax credit. This 30% tax credit for solar energy systems on residential and commercial buildings can help further reduce your monthly payments for solar to make it as affordable as possible. Unfortunately however, the federal tax credit will only be available until December 31, 2016.

Riverside Public Utilities Solar Rebate

Be a part of the green revolution and take advantage of this incredible solar rebate that RPU has to offer. Solar rebate funds are limited so act fast. This program will help you save money, increase the value of your home, and protect the environment. To contact SolarMax Technology , click here for a free solar estimate. We will help you get the rebate you deserve!

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