According to CNBC News, the Obama administration is taking steps toward making solar power available for all Americans regardless of income as the White House announces new program to spread the benefits of solar power.

Many low-income families live in rented housing units, unable to make changes, such as installing solar panels, because they don't technically own the home. It can also be difficult for building owners to agree to make this kind of change, as it can be seen as expensive or out of reach for some.

The White House announced the initiative on Tuesday, July 7, promising upward of $520 million to increase solar panel adoption across the U.S. In addition, housing authorities will start 260 solar power projects across 20 states.

In accordance with this plan, the administration hopes this change will create 75,000 solar industry jobs by 2020.

The Energy Efficiency for All project will also:

- Enable affordable housing owners to agree to install solar power and other renewable energy systems into their buildings. - Enhance the development of local workforce groups, in order to create growth in local low-income communities. - Partner with the Community Solar project, letting households have the option to purchase a piece of the shared solar capacity.

This plan not only promotes clean energy, but will also create a long-lasting network of jobs for future generations.

Energy efficiency and consumption reduction begin with the initiatives taken today.

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