The general public are not the only supporters of the vastly growing solar energy movement — the White House is also pushing for solar across the country. The Obama Administration announced recently that it will be installing more solar panels on rooftops in inner-city, poorer neighborhoods in an effort to fight climate change, while aiding in lowering high electricity bills for this population.

The Guardian reported that White House officials said solar power is not easily available to around half of the country's residential and commercial buildings and is seeking to encourage the utilization of solar power for those who either do not have the money for installation costs, or adequate rooftop space. President Obama and his administration are working in around 20 states with housing authorities to improve financing packages in an effort to make rooftop solar panels more affordable. This is also an effort to create new job opportunities for those in inner-city neighborhoods.

Before the Obama administration, there were no large-scale solar farms, while there are now 17, all funded by Department of Energy loan guarantees.

"The Obama administration is also setting a new goal of 300 megawatts of renewable energy to be produced in federally subsidized housing units by 2020," writes The Baltimore Sun. "That is up from a 100 megawatt goal set two years ago that the White House says has already been met."

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