Each day, more cities are embracing the potential of solar energy. A report called Shining Cities: Harnessing the Benefits of Solar Energy in America by Environment America Research and Policy Center found that the potential for rooftop solar to meet electricity demands for each state is better than expected — almost 20 percent. Furthermore, 65 cities around the country are responsible for 7 percent of all solar capacity. For the top 20 cities, they use only 0.1 percent of the land while accounting for 6.5 percent of the solar energy.

EcoWatch found that some of the forerunners in solar were cities like Los Angeles and Phoenix — typical "sun belt" cities. However, Indianapolis rated at a surprising number four, while Boston and Newark also made the top 20. Solar energy can boost the economy of a city, while also aiding it in becoming more environmentally friendly. Along with reducing air pollution and the threat for climate change, solar also provides jobs and puts money back into the pockets of a city's citizens.

"Cities with this simple solar option and that have commitments to reduce greenhouse gas emissions should be especially eager to maximize their solar potential, since the savings are to the 'triple bottom line'––financial, environmental and social," explained CleanTechnica. "Not only can city-installed solar reduce environmental and financial impacts on the city, but it creates local jobs and generates experience for solar installers, and can serve as an example for private market solar development."

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