If you are one of the many Americans who has decided to pursue solar energy to save money each month and help the environment, yet have not yet decided whether to lease or to buy your solar panels, choosing to lease or to buy solar panels is a difficult one, so here are a few thoughts to consider when making the choice for your home. Recently, solar leases have become a growing popular choice for those wishing to have a lower monthly payment, yet being a system owner comes with tax advantages and even raises the resale value of your home. So the question is: to lease or to buy?

In California today, around 70 percent of new solar customers are leasing solar panels, according to a National Renewable Energy Laboratory analysis. One of these reasons is it is easier for customers who do not have the initial money upfront to buy solar panels or do not wish to make a permanent commitment quite yet. At SolarMax Technology, when you lease, it is just like switching to another utility company, only you will be saving money in the long run. There is a zero-down installation fee that allows you to lock in your rate and it is production guaranteed.

For those who are more attracted to the idea of buying, going solar is making an investment that will significantly pay off over time. Buyers will immediately be able to see energy bill savings and some even save money off of the upfront costs through federal tax credits. At SolarMax Technology, you get to eliminate your monthly utility bill, still have zero-down installation, and have no loan origination fees.

Whatever your choice, SolarMax Technology is here to answer any questions you may have. Contact us to learn more about the cost of solar panels for your home.

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