A new survey by Wiser Capital, a financial services firm, states that many large investment companies are planning to utilize solar in the next five years. Throughout the course of the survey, Wiser Capital received responses from 100 representatives of these firms from around the nation. From the responses, it was found that about 32 percent said they had intent to invest in solar energy for the first time within the year and a further 28 percent stated their desire to prioritize solar for the first time within two to five years, as reported by CleanTechnica.

In addition to inquiries as to whether companies would invest in solar, the survey also prompted responses as to why firms would not choose solar. Lack of policy and industry standardization and uncertainty about policies such as net metering in some states were two of the main reasons, which accounts for about 46 percent of the investors. An interesting factor of the survey showed that around 80 percent of the firms that intend to seek out solar energy did so due to the desire to support a clean energy future.

Nathan Homan, executive director of Wiser Capital, said that Wiser Capital has known the demand for mid-scale solar investment was growing for a while now and that they believe it is certain that a spurt of growth has begun.

"It has always been a notoriously difficult sector for investors to assess risks and prove investments viable without incurring incredibly high administrative costs," Homan said. "With our technology finally unlocking this new market segment, we are excited to see sustained and aggressive growth in the solar industry across the country."

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