Solar is the future of green energy and the most environmentally friendly renewable resource for states and areas that receive large amounts of sunshine. One of the many advantages of solar energy is that it is a sustainable alternative to fossil fuels, which have a quickly approaching expiration date. According to local news outlet WFTV, despite sunny days, Florida lags behind in solar energy.

As the third-largest state in the nation and averaging around 236 days of sunshine each year, the New York Times reports that Florida only ranks 13th in the amount of solar energy actually generated, trailing behind states like New Jersey and New Hampshire. Many in the industry view Florida as an unawakened giant that could rival many other states in solar energy potential, but the article said that it lags behind due to old laws favoring utilities over private enterprises.

In an article for The News-Press, Joe Simmons, Florida Gulf Coast University's chair of the Renewable Energy Institute, said that in spite of the fact that there is not a lot of excitement about solar energy in Florida, there is a lot of potential for growth.

"Southwest Florida gets more sunlight than the rest of the state," Simmons said, noting there is also less wind here compared to the east coast. "Southwest Florida could be the major center for solar development in Florida."

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