The solar industry continues to boom with employment opportunities. The latest National Solar Jobs Census by The Solar Foundation shows that jobs in the solar market grew by 21.8 percent in 2014 over 2013, and more than 86 percent since 2010. From solar installers to maintenance workers at utility-scale solar farms, the new opportunities in this field seem endless, but the real people benefiting are the homeowners investing in solar panels. Mike Carr, principal deputy assistant secretary for the Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy at the U.S. Department of Energy, said that "the more affordable solar gets, the faster solar will grow." However, the reverse is also true, and the more jobs the industry adds, the better service, support and prices you'll get buying solar panels for your home. "The solar industry has once again proven to be a powerful engine of economic growth and job creation," said Andrea Luecke, President and Executive Director of The Solar Foundation. "The solar sector has grown an extraordinary 86 percent in the last four years, adding approximately 81,000 jobs. Our Census findings show that one out of every 78 new jobs created in the U.S. over the past 12 months was created by the solar industry โ€“ nearly 1.3 percent of all jobs. It also shows for the fifth consecutive year, the solar industry is attracting highly-skilled, well-paid professionals. That growth is putting people back to work and strengthening our nation's economy." Support your local economy and employment trends by investing in solar panels today. For more information on how you can reduce your utility bills and save money through solar energy panels, contact SolarMax Technology Inc.

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