As part of a citywide plan to reduce carbon emissions and improve the city's reliance on renewable resources, the London Assembly has proposed a plan to install photovoltaic solar panels on the roofs of schools across London. In a unanimous vote, the London Assembly agreed to call upon the mayor of the city to consider adding funds to the Final Draft Consolidated Budget for 2015-2016 for school roof solar projects, which could help generate significant income for the city, nearly 3,435 British pounds per year.

"If the Mayor could get solar PV panels onto half of the roofs of London schools, it would double the amount of electricity generating capacity the Mayor has managed so far through his entire decentralized energy program," said Jenny Jones, the Assembly member who proposed the idea. "That's why I'm glad the Assembly is backing my call for the Mayor to give this a really big push."

The Assembly's plan would pay for itself within 10 years of installation, and provide another eight to 10 years of profits for the city while reducing reliance on fossil fuels for London's power needs.

The motion noted that the typical school in London could support up to 25 solar energy panels each, and based its findings off of a solar project undertaken by Stoneydown Park primary school, which was able to successfully install solar panels on its own roof as part of the Friends of the Earth Run or Sun competition.

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